The history of the Broox SV dates back to September 1998. It began after  “Black Tuesday” when its future director was on probation  in the USA (North Carolina) on specialization “Financial management”.

Communication with the heads and owners of American business  of different directions  brought the idea, accumulated years of experience of a financial head  of big corporations  gave confidence and force to gather like-minded persons for development of the first direction of a future Holding  on the system of business security connected with a human factor.

Everything began with …a seal.  Numbered signal devices and technologies of sealing suggested by Broox SV even  15 years ago were  hardly known in Russia.  State and commercial organizations used lead, plastic, sealing wax or poly matrix composite seals and stamps. These methods couldn’t  provide the necessary level of  objects safety control. Urgent need in new reliable means of safety and control appeared. The “Broox SV” company was the  first to enter  the market in the South of Russia with a new signal display method  and has been implementing it successfully for 14 years at the enterprises caring about their business safety.

  Work with consignors and consignees and the company’s desire to solve the tasks of customers  with cargo in a complex way, invisibly added logistic direction to already established business. For the time being it provides  needs of shippers in transport outsourcing  in such spheres as railway and  automobile ones.

 In 2007 the direction on  the usage of the newest technologies of cargo unfastening in transport vehicles smoothly joined  the forwarding business. The technology is based on the usage of air bags  (pneumocovers) of Russian, Turkish and Danish producers.

 In the same years scientific and industrial direction was developing and growing stronger.

The  Broox-SV Holding began to specialize in the sphere of engineering of heavy automation systems in industry and energy more than 10 years ago.

Nowadays the LLC “Broox SV” is one of the leading developers of creation and implementation of complex systems of recycled water supply on the basis of fan cooling towers as well as  water treatment and disposal systems. The company provides the following services: engineering surveying, projecting, manufacturing, delivery, construction and erection  and start-up works.

Developed engineering decisions of the Broox SV, built objects and delivered equipment  work successfully  at more than 30 enterprises of Russia and the neighboring countries among which there are:

-         Oil-processing enterprises of SIburneftkhim, Lukoil, TNK

-         Enterprises of chemical industry- Evrokhim

-         Enterprises of metallurgical industry-Rusal, Tagmet

And other industry branches located  in the Leningrad, Rostov, Ryazan, Belgorod, Perm, Bryansk and other regions of Russia as well as neighboring countries.

 Within the last years the Broox SV became  one of the leaders at the market of projecting, building and reconstruction of energy substations and nets for the OJSC “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System”,  industrial and energy enterprises.

In 2005 together with the scientists of RGUPS of the scientific and industrial corporation SV (SIC SV) a complex of thermal imaging diagnostics of running gear of passenger and freight cars “PAUK” extremely important for  traffic safety was developed and patented.  The complexes “PAUK”  already work in the North Caucasian railways  in Bataysk, Adler, Mineralnye Vody.

However thermal imagery devices  are very expensive. They should be used  in other spheres too, in  building, energy f.e.  That’s why since 2006 in the SIC SV a laboratory of nondestructive  control  was accredited.

When in November 2009 the Federal Law № 261 “About energy saving and increasing of energy efficiency..” was published, the members of the Broox SV-Holding  the LLC “SIC SV”, LLC “Broox SV”  already had 4 year experience, the staff and special equipment in the sphere of energy inspection  of industrial and administrative objects.

 In 2010 the LLC “Broox SV” was accredited as an independent expert on legitimacy verification of energy passports for the Ministry of the RF, made by energy auditors –members of the self-regulatory  nonprofit partnership  “Guild of energy auditors” (Moscow) and the self-regulatory  nonprofit  partnership “Energy audit” (Rostov-on-Don).

Growing and updating its potential partner enterprises of the Holding joined and became a whole scientific-project-investment-industrial-building self-sufficient structure.

Constant study of Customers’ needs, complex approach to their tasks solving, development and implementation of new technologies let the Holding enterprises develop in a stable way.

At projects realization the Broox SV Holding  always bases itself upon its own industrial forces and collectives of branch and partner organizations of the Holding.

Everything that the Broox SV Holding might deal with  today is subjected to new approaches of projects management with the usage of modern technologies and development of new engineering decisions and the idea of business safety.

Our developed reliable system of risks management  connected with a human factor  and new engineering decisions in the sphere of heavy automation  make the business of our partners  more effective.