9 October 2013
20.09.2013 Broox SV-Holding has taken part in a seminar together with the Russian Union of Engineers and the Russian club of Financial directors on subject matter « Modern conditions of crediting of инвестиционно-building projects (industrial, infrastructural, agricultural and civil construction), and « Features of performance of functions of the technical customer during realization invest-building
18 March 2013
The LLC “Broox SV” represented by Chueva Liudmila gained the status of a regional representative of the noncommercial Partnership “United Association of Energy Audits” in the Southern Federal District
7 November 2012
The LLC «Broox SV” received the certificate for integrated qualit
20 September 2012
Participation in the International Stock of Contacts and Investments "ISCI 2012"
7 September 2012
Programme of the DRSU energy audit was developed
5 September 2012
Our partner on energy saving of the Management of the Federal Treasury in the RF
4 September 2012
СКИДКИ на строительные и геодезические ПРИБОРЫ !
12 December 2011
Хотите еще БОЛЬШЕ СКИДКУ? Тогда Вам СЮДА!
1 December 2011
ВНИМАНИЕ: КОНКУРС ДЛЯ КЛИЕНТОВ! Победителю - путевки в Египет,Домбай,Кисловодск!
30 November 2011
25 November 2011
СКИДКИ на строительные и геодезические ПРИБОРЫ !
1 August 2011
ПЕРВЫЙ независимый ЭКСПЕРТ по проверке энергопаспортов,составленных энергоаудиторами ЮФО! Проверьте легитимность Ваших энергопаспортов!