Production / Systems of water treatment

Our systems of water treatment provide  a much higher degree of purification than the majority of traditional methods of filtration: remove up to 99,9 % of impurities  that water contains and prevents fur formation in heating  gadgets.

This technology  protects almost form any impurities even from low molecular inorganic compounds, f.e. salts, atoms and ions, the size of which equals to 1/1000 micron part that hundreds and thousands times  higher than  absorption capacity of best coal sorts and synthetic fibres.

Reverse osmotic water can be drunk without boiling because it doesn’t have either viruses,  microbes and germs or organic materials-herbicides, pesticides etc. However at filters using based on the method of reverse osmosis , preliminary mechanic purification and absorption are necessary.

At reverse osmosis water stream presses through a membrane that  reject s impurities preserving their high concentration from the part , from which water leaks. Depending on a membrane type  degree of cleaning amounts 90-98%. At the same time a membrane conducts oxygen  dissolved in water due to which  water gets  nice taste. Reverse osmosis is a more quality water purification.

Method of reverse osmosis allows to get clean  water that is ideal for cooking and drinking, flowers watering and everyday washing.

Our devices are good for usage on military and strategic objects, military towns, outposts, hospitals etc.

Possessing high degree of cleaning, they let protect drinking water from  dangerous chemical elements and guarantee high water quality no matter what external factors influence water intake.

Our devices are in exploitation in the Federal Security Service Directorate  about the Chechen Republic in Grozniy, in bordering cities in the North Osetia.