Freight forwarding

Highly qualified specialists of our companies “Broox SV” and “PogruzTrans”, optimally organized delivery scheme of cargo with all the types of transport, quality organization of loading and unloading works provide high speed, safety and on time cargo delivery. Our representatives in the cities of the RF, CIS as well as a net of agents in China, Korea,UAE allow to deliver a cargo to any place in the world.

Thermal imaging inspection of buildings

Complex energy and thermal imaging inspection carried out by the specialists of our companies “Broox SV” and SIC SV is the only highly effective method of receiving of objective information about real state of fencing constructions, heating systems and microclimate systems in buildings, running gears of railway cars.


The method of hydrodynamic cleaning consists in mechanic destroying of deposits and their simultaneous removing from the zones of their cleaning with water streams of high pressure through special checkers. After application of this technology original diameter of a pipe is restored and significant economic effect is achieved. The cost of the works depends on pipes diameter, depth of their bedding , degree of dirtiness and is defined by a technologist at the inspection. In any case the cost of pipilines cleaning is several times lower that the cost of the works on their capital repairing under almost equal result.