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Freight forwarding


The department of forwarding  of our Holding specializes in a complex  decision of client’s tasks. Thanks to this we are able to provide a full complex of  international  transport- forwarding  services.

 We don’t offer the cheapest service. Due to effective logistic chains and  “turn-key” services we optimize  client’s expenses essentially.

 We don’t say “We can everything”. We do only what we Can and do this better than others.

Specially selected staff of highly professional  workers lets us fulfill  even very complicated transportations within the best short term under maximally comfortable conditions for a client.

Possessing an extensive network of agents in Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries we guarantee efficiency in information possessing, speed of orders execution,  transport supply  within the minimum time,  cargo delivery within the  stipulated date, complex of services on customs clearance, storage, loading and unloading works, execution of documents etc in Europe, Far and Near East and Russia.

We  are very careful about needs of our every client, we are able to  organize professionally  the delivery of any freight shipment almost from any part of the world providing:


Due to highly qualified specialists of our corporation, representative offices and agents, we are able to organize professionally  delivery of any consignment from almost any part of the world providing:

  • Quick terms of delivery,
  • Strict implementation of the commitments on the delivery terms,
  • Legal support  of  external economic relations
  • Financial guarantees  of cargo safety
  • Financial guarantees  of delivery terms implementation
  • Services corresponding  international quality standards

Means of cargo delivery:

Railway transportations,

automobile transportations,

air trasportations,

intermodal transportations.