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Energy audit of structures, buildings and constructions

Broox SV and the Scientific and industrial corporation SV are the members of self-regulatory organizations in the sphere of energy inspections according to the Federal Law 261.

Broox SV is also accredited as an expert on  verification of energy passports legitimacy  for the Ministry of Energy of the RF made by energy auditors- members of the self-regulatory nonprofit partnership “Guild of energy auditors” (Moscow) and the self-regulatory nonprofit partnership “Energy audit” (Rostov-on-Don).

The  scientific and industrial corporation SV has  accredited laboratory of nondestructive inspection since 2007.

One of the leading directions of our work in the sphere of audit is thermal imaging diagnostics of the objects of building, industry and energy.

On the basis of an object diagnostics our experts make an account of energy inspection, energy passport with assignment of the class of energy efficiency of an enterprise or a living /administrative building,  develop the programme of energy saving for 5 years.

Our clients receive the possibility to save money significantly due to elimination of the defects found and the sources of excess heat losses, prevention of accidents and damages of equipment as well as  implementation of energy saving actions.

Methods of inspection

Methods of thermal imaging  inspection  depend on the equipment type and the task to be solved.  In the course of inspection  we  use existing regulatory documents and methods as well as own original developments of our leading  specialists-scientists of Russian research institutes of railway transport.

 Thermal imaging diagnostics of  buildings and constructions:

 • inspection of enclosing constructions

 • quality and heat insulation control

 • heat losses detection

 • detection of defects of fences

 • diagnostics of  heating systems

 • Energy audit with an energy passport issue and development of the programme of energy saving

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 Thermal imaging inspections of railway equipment:

 • inspection of railway equipment

 • diagnostics of the truck of railway carriages

 • detection of defects of wheel pairs and binders

 • Usage of principally new ways of diagnostics of a rolling equipment

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