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Air bags for load fastening

If your production has a good package and you have to transport it on  highways, railways  or by sea, of course you worry  about production and package safety.  While transporting,  production undergoes influence  of  casual forces  that can happen due to a truck hit on a side-walk border, at railway equipment formation on humps, at sea storm etc. Removing the possibility of casual forces appearing  you can be absolutely quit about your production and package safety.

Our packages are specially meant for quality and safe freight transportation. An empty air bag is placed into empty spaces between a cargo and fill them using pressed air. An air bag takes exact form of empty space and holds the  cargo  fixed within the whole transportation. At the cargo reaching  the destination point   air bags  can be blown out within  several seconds.  Simultaneously with it space around the cargo is becoming empty and lets discharge a transport vehicle  effectively. All this is done easily and effectively. Many of our air bags can be used  several times.  The packages are of 3 types:  heavy, average, light.