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Sealing systems

It’s not a secret that sealing devices are very important for safety in different spheres. The story of their origin dates back to antiquity. They say that crusaders  invented them when they started faraway for their campaigns. Knights sealed their property thus saving it from stealing. Apparently  since then  lead seals became known in the world.

Comparatively recently real breakthrough took place. Thanks to newest developments  of several leading  American and English  producers principally new  seals  and sealing devices that  make unauthorized access almost impossible, appeared.

Seals can be different. One can copy a ponderous metal lock and in fact perform its role. The other one represents a plastic loop that can be hung on a diplomat, bag with money or a folder with confidential documents.

One feature unites all seals- they can be used only one time. A seal can be removed only by tearing or breaking.

The developers paid special  attention  to giving uniqueness to every seal. Thus a seal can’t be falsified, replaced or copied. It’s reached in different ways: by means of marking: a seal name, name of a firm-producer, individual number.

Appearance of many dozens seal types enlarged the sphere of their application. It’s possible to seal almost everything.